Venetians Delights

A Culinary Journey To The Back Streets Of Venice 
This week has been busy at work, so friday night was just the time to chill in the kitchen and travel to the culinary world of Venice, thanks to Russell Normans fantastic book, Polpo. Based on trips to back street restaurants around Venice, Russell now has several eateries in London, under the Polpo name and has received great reviews.

Cichéti is to Venetian’s as Tapas is to the Spanish

Mozzarella Bocconcini are a crisp cichéti based on mozzarella.  In my case Laverstoke Organic Mozzarella Balls that are produced by Jody Scheckter the ex formula one driver and were in our organic veg box order last week.  You can find them here at Laverstoke Park
Once rolled in Tipo00 flour (the extra fine pizza and pasta flour you can find in most supermarkets), then beaten egg and finally Panko crumbs, they are quickly fried and quite delicious. The flour is seasoned with pepper, a little salt and oregano. You should drain them briefly on kitchen roll!
Mozzarella Bocconcini
I have to admit I struggle with Pizza, unless served at a decent italian restaurant I generally feel disappointed with what’s on offer so this was the chance to have a go myself, something i’ve not before. 
Just before christmas I was donated a Kenwood Chef, complete with dough hook, so here was the chance to se what it could do, it was getting a bit late and didn’t have the time (or energy!) to do the kneading by hand!
So Tipo00 flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and 7 minutes in the mixer and hey presto, DONE!  
Venetians’ do Pizza differently, and I have been thinking about trying a particular variant, Pizzetta Bianca. There is no tomato sauce involved, just red onion, mozzarella and parmesan, fresh thyme, fresh black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.
Pizzetta Bianca
It was light, crispy and truly delicious. You can tell my rolling skills need some work, but it was homemade!
So, if you want to try real Venetian food, but don’t have a trip to Venice booked, go and buy Polpo, it was Waterstones book of the year 2012 and takes pride of place on my cookery bookshelf. 

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