I am Not Horsing Around!

Se rappellent de la France

With so many stories of horse meat in the press this week, and the weather turning cold again it seemed a good idea to cook something hearty. That mixed with unexpected news, time in the kitchen to escape things was just what the doctor ordered. Some excellent beef from Casey’s Farm Shop (guaranteed to really be beef!), has been marinating for over 24 hours in red wine, cognac, juniper berries and a bay leaf.
This dish is featured in Ripailles, an excellent book written by french chef Stéphane Reynaud.
I love this tome, traditional french food, intertwined with whimsical content, its stretches to 480 pages and really leads you into the french passion for food. This classic Boeuf Bourguignon used veal stock, luckily I had some in the freezer, but your could always use beef stock instead.
Le Boeuf Bourguignon sorted, what to accompany it. 
At the back of Rick Steins French Odyssey, there are over 10 different ways to cook the humble spud. One of my favourites involves using a Persillade, a mix of in this case garlic, parsley and truffle oil.  When added to sliced potatoes cooked in duck fat you have “Pomme Sarladaise” a truly scrumptious and tasty potato dish that’s going alongside Le Boeuf Bourguignon to add some crunchy texture and even more flavour.
To finish things off, green beans with a tomato Concasse and black pepper, tossed in a little butter.

So that’s it, Le Boeuf Bourguignon, Pomme Sarladaise et Hericot Vert, Concassé de tomatoes jeté dans le beurre.

C’est tout, délicieux.

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