al solito posto my penultimate day at Masseria Montenapoleone

After a fantastic night eating anti-pasti, barbecued meat and various other goodies with some new ex-pat friends celebrating Maura’s birthday, we ended up at Angelo’s favourite pub  Doppeo Passe (Double Pass) at silly o’clock!  It was still lively at 2 p.m. and I recognised some familiar faces and I was greeted as a friend, as If i had been a member myself for many years.

After Angelo had finished his table football and I had a couple of shots of Grappa it was time to head back to the Masseria to sleep.
Breakfast this morning was the usual fare, I remembered to take my camera this time so you can see for yourself the type of spread that is laid out.


Fresh, Organic and home made, really quite delicious, especially the mandarin compote.

Today was a free day, so the morning was spent updating the blog and then lunch was to be at Angelo’s restaurant al solito posto means the usual place, or where we normally meet and perfectly describes the environment. Unfortunately, I had left my memory card in the computer so was not able to capture any pictures, but it was a really homely place, with over 30 people coming for lunch. Angelos’ restaurant is a real family business with his Mother, Father and Wife all doing their bit serving, at the charcoal grill or in the kitchen. Vtina is the chef behind the kitchen door, was taught by her mother/grandmother and is often teaching visitors to cook as part of the cookery holiday I am on. By what I ate today, she is a seriously  awesome cook.

I’d thought I had had the mammoth ant-pasti at the fish restaurant the other evening but I counted 12 separate dishes of food, Fave Bean Puree  Polpette, char-grilled Peppers, Potato Salad (But not like you get in the U.K. this was something completely different and very tasty), Courgette slices stuffed with delicious filling, the same for Aubergine, Cherry Tomato Foccacia………..

We then had a pasta option, I had some Lasagne  then grilled meat and a dessert of Strawberries with lemon juice and sugar.

Tonight is my last night, we have a multiple course communial meal and I am not sure how much more I can eat, Tomorrow morning is the last cookery lesson before I dash to the airport for the first leg of my journey home.

If I get a chance I will update the blog at my stopover, as i will have a couple of hours to kill.

Next stop ROME…..

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