Now THAT’S a Tomato – Gascony Cooking School, Day Two

Gramont day 2 002I still appear to be on UK time in my head, so decided to post another update before hitting my bed. Today has been busy again, visiting the market at Fleurance after a traditional French breakfast (O.K., almost as I had Tea!), and tasked with buying produce to be used later.

Gramont day 2 008Fleurance is a charming town, the market provided an opportunity to mingle with the locals and find the odd treat, in my case Madagascan Vanilla pods at the cheapest I have ever seen them (10 Euros for 15 pods, AWESOME).

Gramont day 2 016After a lovely lunch at the Sports Cafe it was back to the kitchen and time to learn some more knife skills. After gutting some really fresh Plaice, we all got the chance to learn how to Fillet, you can see David, showing Claire how to get things done!

Gramont day 2 030Our ‘Tour De Force’ today was the Tarte Au Pomme, not the scraggy, untidy ‘job’ you often see, but a loving, caring, artisan product that can sell for over £20 in the U.K., hand made and precision in every aspect. My lovely new cookery friends have been so much fun and provide comedy and laughter at every moment, thanks ladies!

Gramont day 2 039We spent over 4 hours in the kitchen today, Veloute, Filleting, Chopping Practice, Tart au Pomme, Plating techniques and had such a blast, winding down with an Armagnac, I managed to read a few more pages of a book that was bought to fill in whatever spare moments we have (the pic is earlier in the evening with a chilled Rose!, can’t find the accent on my Netbook, doh!).

Gascony is truly wonderful, the Gascony Cookery School is a blast and moves from 20 to 30 out of 10.

Can’t wait till tomorrow.

Till next time……… L8ers




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