Talk Talk and Didier!

I have deep mixed emotions this evening!

It’s the last night, the last supper, almost the end of another roller coaster of unexplainable emotions, new friends, old colleagues (not from an age perspective), it makes me very happy but extremely sad when meaningful adventures come to a natural end, the cookery school I booked finishes tomorrow and I am flooded, no drowned with simultaneous happy and sad feelings which bring a sincere tear, well flooding to both my eyes. I have always had emotions, feelings that sometimes overtake me, it’s in my nature and that’s me.

I had a delivery today, I am in another country, my lovely wife of over 34 years would not be expecting the delivery of ……….. a jar of Amora Savora Mustard!! It was an important part of the dressing in the dish we made a day or so ago, time has dissolved to be honest so I am not 100% sure when, but time does not matter as its taste was exceptional and the compulsiveness in me stepped into action and I ordered a jar!

We had an extra guest on Monday, Didier, who lives near Carcassonne and was here for the day, a very keen cook whose wife had gifted him a voucher for the French House Party Cookery School, he was really nice and after some introductions during breakfast we all got on like age old ‘chums’, who may have shared an illicit cigarette or two behind the bike sheds after school, nuff said he was fab, fitted in which sounds so awkward, we worked together as a cohesive team, chatted during breaks, sharing stories and experiences, he was just lovely.

If you are wondering what the ‘Talk Talk” reference is in the title of the post it’s about the group of the 80’s led by Mark Hollis who passed in 2019 aged 64. I am listening to their album ‘The Very Best of Talk Talk’ whilst writing, it’s a ‘post rock’ style of music that is both melodic and rhythmic, it seems to inspire feeling and contemplation simultaneously.

The view from our outside dining area is not half bad, when the sun is setting it is even more stunning but I won’t share that, look, back and see for yourself as I have on 4 occasions now and still come back for more.

Today we went to see Marion at her chocolate shop and laboratory. Marion is lovely, a kind soul, and has been making chocolates by hand for over 12 years, running workshops for enthusiasts for just as long. I met Marion on my last trip before COVID and it was great to see her again, we connected on Instagram after the last trip and have had conversations ever since.

Fun was had by all, unfortunately Didier was only here for one day but the rest of us had so much enjoyment, learning how to temper chocolate, making all sorts of tempting goodies, it was definitely a children in a sweetshop experience but we were full grown adults acting like under 14’s, sucked in by the temptations of the wicked coca pod and its decadence.

Referring back to the group ‘Talk Talk’, songs which have been bouncing ear to ear whilst I have been scribing this blog post there are two tracks that have been like basketballs in my head resonating on a personal level and seem to convey a meaningful message, the first is ‘Life’s what you make it”, the second is ‘ It’s my life’. Make of it what you will. Nite!

……………………………Until next time…………………L8ers………………..

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