Reflecting the past 5 days – The Gascony Cookery School, Gramont.


Amazing ‘proper’ Cassoulet, outstanding (and very filling!)


I am slowly coming back to reality, the last five days have been a whirlwind culinary experience, with some history and culture thrown in for good measure. To use an Australianism (and please excuse the minor expletive), when you bugger off on your own for a week in the middle of nowhere, there will always be a certain nervousness, not knowing who you are going to be sharing your experience with, not having complete control of what will happen, being aware of your lack of cooking skills etc…….

Firstly a few thanks, big ones to be honest. Helen & Di from Australia (you FIGJAMS!), Jo and Sally (ABC), and the lovely Claire (Ms Leith!) all made my lonesome trip so much better. Friendly innocent banter (yeah right!), some of the conversations had us all in hysterics (don’t ask me about skippy!, like teenagers growing up together on a week’s road trip.

Wheres the bloody Pizza?

Wheres the bloody Pizza?

I think I only got one picture of our amazing host Vikki, the smiley happy type standing in the background always making tea or pointing us towards the chilled rosé in the fridge, and the frozen bottles in the freezer to make sure it was always cold, and stayed cold. Vikki was a delight to be around, and worked like a ‘Trogan’, ensuring our rooms were clean and tidy, and preparing delicious breakfast every day as well as making sure we were happy, nothing was too much trouble, thanks Vikki.

This isn’t just as Pizza, it’s my Pizza Gersoise!

David is an amazing Chef and fantastic Tutor, the patience of a saint (he would need it with our bunch!), we were taken through the process of preparing some quite sophisticated dishes, some of which I never expected to be able to do. His knowledge of all things Gascogne, we all came away with so much more knowledge about the amazing location we were lucky enough to be enjoying, and the history, culture and cuisine of this hidden gem in the south west corner of France. Thanks David, your a Gem.

Julian, are you ready to Flambé, OUI CHEF!

Julian, are you ready to Flambé, OUI CHEF!

Smiley happy Bernard, the kind gentle Chef Patron of Le petit Feuillant, the restaurant in Gramont and teacher of all things Crème, oh and Cassoulet, and Foie Gras (his was just OUTSTANDING)…what a Chef, MasterChef.  Merci Bernard.

If you are looking for a different experience, and like cooking, give The Gascony Cookery School a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Watch those fingers Sally!

Watch those fingers Sally!

P.S. I would advise going on a diet before attending this course, we ate LOADS but everything was just delicious.

À bientôt


4 thoughts on “Reflecting the past 5 days – The Gascony Cookery School, Gramont.

  1. Hi Jules,

    Steph & I have enjoyed reading your blog, its been really good!

    Can anyone attend these residential courses or do you have to be a bit of a food whiz kid to start with?

    Speak to you soon,


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    • Hi Justin,

      Glad you and Steph like it.

      Nope, you don’t need to be a food whiz at all, just love food really. David is really good whatever level you are at, novice or experienced. We did cook loads, but it really was excellent and the sense of accomplishment really was overwhelming. My knife skills are not great but having gone through the process of deboning a whole chicken with someone who knows what they are doing, I will defo try cooking a Chicken Ballotin, and soon.

  2. Hi Jules! Di. And I just loved spending the week with you and the other “musketeers.” We learned so much, and loved the company. It was great to meet you and look forward to you visiting us in Oz. Love Helen x

    • Hey lovely ladies, I hope you are loving Carcassonne, I bet Bernards Cassoulet IS the best. It was great to spend so many fun times with you both. I have sent you the link for the photograph folder. Take care and safe travelling. Jules 😁

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